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Thank you so much for trusting me with your loved ones! I am thrilled to have so many repeat clients and happy bookings!  Please note that I do book up fast and am booking months in advance now.  I am about a half step away from using a waiting list here so book me now - don't dawdle!  And please note that you must give me a week's notice to cancel so that I can make my other clients happy too!

Animals have always been a part of my life.  My family raised miniature schnauzers for my first 16 years.  In my 20s I moved on to horses.  My 30s saw me trained by many small fur babies, during which I started honing my ability to reach understanding compromise on a level with them as equals.  This frequently includes allowing them to tell me what they want to do - I consider this successful communication (also lots of fun).  Many of these kids were rescues.  I actively advocate the rescue of love - it will be the best save you ever make!  Most recently I rescue skunks, and anyone that can successfully survive skunk ownership can do anything. 

I am thrilled to share my experience and furry child addiction in such a positive way.  So far, it is incredibly rewarding for all involved.  Will this list include your family next?  I hope so!   I enjoy the freedom of caring for your pet in your home.  I am truly flexible, I will work with your schedule and have no problem adding additional related duties to my dog-sitting responsibilities.  Book me - my weekly ration of doggie kisses is running low!

If you have a cat, BUY THIS BOOK!  I can't recommend it highly enough!

Please note that I work full time and will need 9-10 hours to return to your home during the weekday.

Also, for all of our protection I require a valid emergency contact number for emergency use during my stay.  This is a number for someone *other than yourself* that is guaranteed to pick up and assist at any time of the day or night WITHOUT DELAY during an emergency. THIS IS NOT NEGOTIABLE!

* The meet 'n greet is an important way for both of us to determine if we are a fit without divulging personal information - like, you don't want some random loser to know where you live, right?  And I need to feel sure that there are no bodies in your basement.  Also, it lets us know that your pup and I are a fit!  So book that fast and get it out of the way!
Resume available upon request!

Email me!


Claudia H.
September 26
It went well the dog's were in great shape upon our return.

Vickie C.
August 27
I was very concerned leaving our dogs while we went on short vacation..we have always farmed them out with family but wasn't going to work this I contacted Vivian through and she worked out great..she stayed at our home and took great care of the dogs..she even groomed them and trimmed their nails!..I was really impressed and will defiantly use her again.

Marian C.
August 17
Vivian was wonderful with my two very "difficult" miniature Schnauzers. She even made them homemade frozen treats when there was a heat wave! I never thought I would be able to trust my dogs with anyone but leaving them with Vivian took a *huge* load off my mind. I would definitely use her again.

Ryan H.
May 27
Vivian did a fantastic job. She has a very cool, easy manner with the dogs and they adore her. She sent regular updates and was very flexible with frequency and method of updates. She was a considerate house guest who cleaned everything she used. Had we not known someone was staying there while we were out, nothing in the house would have alerted us to someone's presence. I highly recommend Vivian as a sitter and will definitely be a repeat customer.

Amy E.
April 27
Vivian is awesome. She stayed in our home and pet-sat (is that a word?) for our dog and cat during our family's week-long vacation. From beginning to end, she made the whole "find a pet sitter" thing very easy. And, as our vacation got closer and we became more absent-minded, she was great about sending reminders to finalize the walk-thru, checklists, and other details, which was a great help. While we were away, she regularly sent us updates and photos of our pets, which we loved getting. Vivian is very communicative and a pleasure to work with. Having her at our home really contributed to us getting to enjoy a carefree vacation. I highly recommend her and we hope she is available to come back in the future.

Annah C.
April 4
Vivian did great with our two jack russells while we were away. It took a lot of worry/stress off of us to know they were in good hands while we were gone!!

Victoria W.
April 3
Vivian was very good with my dogs. I could tell by the pictures she took and sent me that they were very comfortable with her. Definitely will ask for Vivian again!

Lisa F.
February 14
Vivian was fantastic. She really proved to be very reliable when Daisy became very ill during my business trip. Her good judgement got Daisy the emergency care she needed, and Vivian also was able to comfort my remaining dog Quince during a very bewildering time for him. It was a difficult stay, I am sure, but Vivian really handled everything with love and kindness. She is terrific. 

Elly C.
January 22
Vivian watched my elderly American Eskimo Dog, 2 cats and home while I was away between Christmas and New Year's Eve recently. I was thrilled with the high level of care given to my pets and home while away. Vivian clearly loves pets and paid special attention to my Eskie and bonded amazingly well with her! I highly recommend Vivian as a dog sitter, especially for those with shy or fearful dogs as Vivian truly is gifted in getting through to dogs and getting them to trust her. I will definitely be requesting Vivian's capable care again!

Mike R.
January 1
Vivian is awesome! She came to my house every day for a week and played with my 65 lbs dog until she was tired. She sent me pictures everyday. She stayed in constant contact with me the whole time via texts. She manged with the alarm system great. She even had girls night and filed Daisy's nails and brushed Daisy with a zoom groom brush that she brought herself. The house was in the same exact condition as I left it and I couldn't have been more pleased.

Allen L.
June 24
I've known Vivian for many years. She's a responsible, caring person to her friend's pet and treat them like her own. I would not hesitate to have her take care of my pets while I'm on business trip.

Ormand S.
May 16
I have known Vivian for a couple years and have got to know some of her character. She is honest which is not something you can say about many people these days. How many people do you know "accident proof" their home for a Guinea Pig. I wouldn't have even thought of doing that for a child let alone a pet. But Vivian thinks of animals as her family not pets. If you want your "family member" in safe and loving hands then this is the person I would Highly recommend.

Preston S.
December 29
RE: Vivian Sargent, I have known Vivian for many years and I will be happy to review my impression of her to you. She has had many pets during the last several years. She has always taken care of them in an exceptional manner. She excels at training, grooming and loving care of her pets. She is an honest person and is very trustworthy. I have first hand knowledge that she has had special training in the care of horses, dogs and rodents. I would trust her with any animal that I might own.
Nanny Cam - all photos of your babies (finished and polished)!  In addition to my grooming and medical expertise, I also like to send a "Dog Diary" every day with photos, so you know what is happening in the life of your pup.  Make sure to view as a SLIDE SHOW so you can read the captions!